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Leadership, Dedication,Commitment
The CAL Board of Directors is comprised of 14 elected positions.. The ten district representatives are selected by the members in their respective geographical regions. The President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer form the Executive Committee and are chosen by the membership at large. The Immediate Past President serves as the 14th member of the board.

The Association maintains offices in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with staff members skilled in all aspects of association management.

Professional Representation

Before members of the legislature

Our constant presence at the capital coupled with our professional approach and demeanor have earned for the entire profession the high level of respect it deserves.

CAL has a professional lobbyist on staff to represent your interests during the annual legislative session. Her legislative expertise is reinforced by the presence of select members who stand ready to provide support testimony on items of a technical nature. But it is our statewide key contact network that forms the base of our legislative efforts. As a CAL member, you will be asked to join this team to provide the grassroots lobbying necessary for a successful legislative strategy.

CAL members are kept apprised of all legislative activity through the CAL Legislative Bulletin, which is distributed approximately every 10 days during the session.

Before governmental agencies

CAL is constantly working to protect and further your patients' rights to access your services. In addition to closely monitoring the activities of the insurance industry, we appear frequently before governmental agencies in an effort to ensure fair and equal consideration for chiropractic services.

Our work with the Department of Insurance resulted in the issuing of a detailed interpretation of the insurance equality laws which has since been revised by the Commissioner to reflect recent court decisions in support of fair and equal treatment of the profession.

From 1993 through 1999, CAL's Executive Director served, by appointment of Insurance Commissioner Jim Brown, as a member of the Louisiana Health Care Commission, a statewide entity created by the legislature and charged with the responsibility of addressing health care reform in the state of Louisiana. In 1999, the legislature recreated the Commission and granted CAL specific authority to nominate its future representatives.

In 2004, at the request of CAL, the legislature added a representative of the Chiropractic Association of Louisiana to the Department of Labor's Worker's Compensation Advisory Council.

On legal issues

CAL retains the services of legal counsel to advise and represent the association on matters affecting the practice of chiropractic in Louisiana. Twice, to date, CAL has taken statewide legal action in order to protect the interests of its members. In 1992, the Louisiana Supreme Court denied writs in CAL v State of Louisiana, bringing to a victorious close CAL's seven-year battle to enforce the insurance equality statute. Again, in 1996, Louisiana's Second Circuit Court of Appeal ruled in CAL's favor when it challenged the City of Shreveport over discriminatory provisions of its insurance plan.

Continuing Education
CAL provides an extensive continuing education program designed to meet the needs and interests of its diversified membership. A variety of programs are scheduled each year, and many are certified for license renewal credit. The association also sponsors classes approved for certification of Chiropractic Assistants in x-ray proficiency.

To help ensure that future generations continue to enjoy the benefits of chiropractic care, CAL maintains a scholarship program to assist students as they prepare to become chiropractic physicians.

National Involvement
CAL's representation of its membership continues at the national level through association involvement as a

  • member, American Chiropractic Association (Executive Director's membership)
  • member Congress of Chiropractic State Associations
  • annual participant, ACA's National Chiropractic Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C.
  • sponsor/annual contributor, Foundation for Chiropractic Progress
  • contributor, ACA legal fund for lawsuit against HCFA

CAL offers each licensed chiropractor the opportunity to become a part of its progressive organization. As we continue our efforts to promote and advance the practice of chiropractic, we invite you to join us and become part of the voice for chiropractic in Louisiana.
Whether through correspondence mailed from the Baton Rouge office or reports given at district meeting, CAL works diligently to keep the membership informed on any and all matters impacting the profession.

Progress Notes, CAL's newsletter, is distributed to all CAL members, chiropractic colleges and state and national associations, features information on events and issues of statewide and national scope as well as association activities.

The CAL Legislative Bulletin, which is published during the legislative sessions, provides an important supplement to communication efforts. Through it, our doctors are kept will informed regarding any legislative activity impacting the profession.

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